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Remember Superman’s home? January 21, 2010

Posted by Dr. O in Chemistry, Uncategorized.

Does anyone remember what Superman’s home planet looked like?  All full of crystals and light.  Well, they’ve just “unearthed” it!  The Naica Cave in Mexico, home to GIGANTIC selenite crystals, was discovered by accident by local miners.  Interestingly this is one of the first crystal caves with crystals of this magnitude to be found, however researchers believe that the Earth’s crust could be full of such wonders.  Check out a video of Professor Iain Stewart having a look around.  Also see pictures here.


1. isotopeeffect - January 21, 2010

Nice to see calcium sulfate (gypsum) in one of its less humble forms. It’s more commonly seen in the plaster inside drywall.

Also nice to hear someone saying “La Cueva de los Cristales” in a very strong Glasgow accent.


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