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Queer Antelope and the Sex Dreams of Shrew… March 5, 2010

Posted by Dr. O in Behavior, Biology, Genetics, Health, History of Science, Neuroscience.
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Recently Dr. Donna Drucker, a historian studying the work of Alfred Kinsey, came to speak at MU’s new, “Interdisciplinary Seminar Series”.

I found this talk to be quite informative and interesting from the construct of Kinsey’s previous work as an entomologist and animal behaviorist and how it influenced his later work on human sexual behavior.

We had just finished a segment in BIO 326-Animal Behavior, on the influence of the environment on neuroscience as well as a segment in BIO 425-Molecular Genetics, on behavioral genetics and the influence of nature vs. nurture…or more appropriately in my mind, the spectrum of nature vs. nurture on behavior.

You can find a podcast of Dr. Drucker’s seminar here.

Drucker talk