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How to talk to a climate change skeptic April 1, 2010

Posted by Dr. O in Climate Change, Environment/Conservation, Policy, Science & Culture, Science Education.

A lot of students have asked me how to effectively and intelligently communicate with a climate change/human-induced global warming skeptic.

I realize that I have been at this science career thing longer than most of you students so in a way, yes, it is easier for me to “argue” on a different level over a variety of scientific results.  As a scientist, it’s our job to think critically, analyze effectively, and yes…be skeptical.  But we must also be balanced AND properly interpret the data. Hopefully ALL those papers I make you write and ALL that literature I make you read is helping YOU to also think critically and interpret science effectively.

But everyone can use a cheat sheet now and then…

Our local Hoosier Environmental Council put out a neat link to an article which has a “point and click” menu of points on which one can educate themselves on the main arguments climate change skeptics use…and why their arguments don’t stand up scientifically.

Check it out.


1. isotopeeffect - April 2, 2010

Excellent link. I have added it to the IGSS Wiki.

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