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Cities Going Green April 30, 2010

Posted by Kyle in Environment/Conservation.

Recently the Marian University Science Club celebrated Earth Day by showing Avatar and providing free recycling bins on campus.  Now that Earth Day has passed hopefully at least a few more students around campus have an increased awareness of their impact on the environment.  It seems that every year more and more people are getting involved in Earth Day activities, and it has definitely caught my interest. While doing a little reading on the internet I came across the Earth Day Network.  The Earth Day Network is an organization that was founded to strengthen the environmental movement not only in the United States, but all over the world.  According to their website, they work in 190 countries and over 1 billion people around the world participate in Earth Day activities.  After reading a little about what they are doing around the world to address environmental issues, I started to look at what some people are doing here in Indiana.

The first thing I noticed was a news article on recycling in the city of Indianapolis.  Recently city leaders have been working to provide curbside recycling to all residents, possibly free of charge. This would be a huge change for Indianapolis, since residents who currently want curbside recycling have to pay a fee for the service.  The article also points out that currently in Marion County, less than 10% of waste is recycled.  Hopefully this number can continue to climb in years to come with the help of city and community leaders. I’m sure many citizens of Indianapolis, including myself, would welcome a free curbside recycling program.

Indianapolis is not the only city in Indiana working to go green.  In a related article, Muncie officials also have plans in the works to clean up at least one part of the city. Recently The South Muncie Redevelopment Corp. has announced that it wants to work with the city to turn an old salvage yard into an “urban forest.” The property has been used in the past as a dump site for various waste products. This project would not only clean up the property, removing old waste, but it would also prevent any further pollution on the property.

These are only two recent examples that I have found of cities working towards a sustainable environment. With groups such as Earth Day Network and the Marian University Science Club working to increase awareness on issues like air and water pollution, conservation, and recycling, hopefully more individuals and communities will start to take steps to go green.


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