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Marian University encourages the Town of Speedway to Go Green May 1, 2010

Posted by Colleen in Environment/Conservation, Marian University curriculum, Science & Culture.

This semester, I have been part of a business creation and development class at Marian University called the A-Team. The A-Team is a student consulting group made up of students that come from a number of different backgrounds and disciplines but come together to work on a specific engagement. The team acts as a consulting group for a business or organization that comes forward with a specific problem or question that they would like us to answer. This semester our team chose to work with the Town of Speedway. Speedway has been having a problem over the past 20 years with their population declining causing an increase in housing stock and a decline in the overall upkeep of some of the houses. They came to us to try to figure out how to get young professionals to move to their town as well as how to deal with the blight that has been beginning in their neighborhoods.

modern windspire to generate energy

solar-panels on house

You may be wondering now what exactly that has to do with a science blog. Well, I’ll tell you. We came to the conclusion that

Speedway should work on becoming a green community. There is nowhere else in the Indianapolis area that can make the claim that they are a green community. We all agreed that if Speedway were green we’d move there in a heart-beat. I personally think that the concept of living in a green town would be really cool! What we did as consultants was work on finding some suggestions for things that they could do. Some of the team members found lots of green grants and tax credits that the citizens could potentially use. There are things as extreme as installing solar panels or wind turbines. This would significantly decrease energy costs for the home. Also, there are other, smaller-scale things we suggested they look into.

go green with energy efficient light bulbs

By upgrading appliances to more energy efficient models, the homeowner saves a lot of money over time as well as doing something good for the environment. Houses can be made more green and energy efficient by installing energy-saving windows and insulation, and most simply by putting in compact fluorescent light bulbs.

We hope that Speedway listened to what we had to say (we gave them our presentation yesterday evening) and will work on going green!


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